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We do have the following services :

1. Marketing
We do buying and selling of house, plot for house construction, Home maintenance and repairing services, house extension works in addition to arranging Home Loans. We undertake all the necessary document preparation works for arranging finance for either buying a plot or constructing a house. We also provide rental assistance in parts of cochin to every category of customers like Family and bachelors. We invariable advice those who like to generate a substantial amount as saving by advising them how to invest in property and yield its returns. More over, we do all related services to customers who are settling from place to another place. That include every kind of services you can think of.
2. Home Loan.
The types of people who approach for loan needs are usually the salaried class and the business groups. But Industries are also not an exception in their needs of some kind of loans to finish up with a building or property transaction. What ever be the class of clients, we do cater them accordingly and our services are appreciated, trusted and acknowledged by one and all. We do arrange loans for those who are hard pressed for finance. Usually we arrange Home Loans, or Property loans having various shades of options from established Financing Institutions, both nationalised, scheduled and international banks. The customer need to reimburse the loan amount with in a period of generally 20 years. If the customer is employed and drawing a regular salary, we do help them get a loan amount they need after deducting the margin Money usually elicited by those financing institutions. And the repayment will be in equal installments in a span of 20 years.
We have been arranging finance for the needy since the last 20 years and most of our customers are happy about our service. You can contact us for a detailed discussion regarding the same.
3 . Legal
A lot of things can go hayware at the last moment in any real estate transaction. Legal papers and the legal aspects involved in the transaction of any land or building is so complicated and the ordinary home owner is quite ignorant of it. We have immense expertise and experience in handling sensitive legal issues that bind a client with his land. We also do have exclusive legal Experts to sort things out without incurring a time delay. Before the actual transaction begins, we make the legal documents verified and cross checked for surety of trust from a customer. We peruse and verify all the original land documents, source Documents, land Tax Receipts, encumberence Certificate, Possession Certificate, survey Plan Sketch, Plan of the concerned Building etc thoroughly before the final proceedings. If found, missing, manipulated or tampered with, we urge our legal department to take necessary action to make the transaction smooth for the client. Even we can arrange our own department to look into things like survey, documentation, preparation of Sketches for land and even building etc. with concerned officials and professionals, in case the client is not available to undertake such things himself.